Friday, July 30, 2010

Monica's Success Story

Monica's On a New Chapter of Life!
"Wow, One month later and I feel like a new woman! Not only have I gotten my figure back (or at least most of it), but I am inhabiting my body, my health, and my world in a healthier way. I feel clearer, lighter, and more receptive to life in general. The Fat Flush Smoothie Shakedown has helped me immensely as I pack up my current life and head towards my next chapter...
...The smoothies were (are) a valuable piece for recognizing my food issues. They helped me stay accountable to myself when I’d want to reach for a snack--not out of hunger, but rather out of comfort or not wanting to feel the emotions trying to surface. They will continue to be a regular part of my diet as I learn to stay within the Fat Flush guidelines, especially guidelines around fat intake. In the past I ate an abundance of “good fat”--but I see now that in my over-consumption I created a very sluggish liver and cellulite-laden hips. My liver, lymph, digestive system, and body are very thankful for the change!

Food and breath are by far the most intimate relationships we will ever have with ourselves and our planet. Trimming off these couple inches of pure holding and fat everywhere off my body is only a microcosm of the ways our societies need to trim holdings and excesses of consumption from our lives. I am making more conscious choices around food, more conscious interactions with others, and am more conscious in my blueprint with this planet by what I eat and how I live. Every time I eat anything, there is a direct correlation with my relationship with this planet. Every time I eat anything, there is a direct correlation with how I digest and assimilate everything happening in my life. There is nothing more refreshing than knowing that I am--as consciously as possible in this moment--resting in alignment within myself that I am contributing to a healthier, happier planet by first being a healthier, happier me. 

Thank you Ann Louise, and all you at UNI KEY, for making this "experiment" such a fun and easy way to take me to my next level of food consciousness!"

Weight: 125 lbs
Waist: 29.5"
Hips: 37"
Body Mass Index: 22 

Weight: 113 lbs 
Waist: 27" 
Hips: 35" 
Body Mass Index: 20

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