Friday, July 30, 2010

Dave's Success Story

Dave's Transforming Inside and Out!

"As I come to the end of my 30 days on the Fat Flush Smoothie Shakedown, I feel completely revived on many different levels of my life and being.  Yes, I've lost weight and girth, and feel so much better about myself as a result.  Yes, I feel I am now crystal clear on how to approach my diet and health in the future - which is such a huge relief!  However, beyond these I have also regained a tremendous amount of energy, vitality, clarity and zest for my entire life.  

With this sense of being revitalized, I am charting and acting on fairly dramatic changes in my home, career, hobbies and other life passions.  Underneath all these is the realization that, perhaps more than any other aspect of our lives, it is what we imbibe--our daily diet--that really determines who we are.

They say "as a man/woman thinketh so he/she is," and that "we are what we eat."  Well, based on my experience over this last month, I would have to say that it's what we eat that is the primary determining factor around the quality of our lives.  It sounds simplistic to say it but just by changing my diet I feel I have re-energized myself to such a degree that I am thinking and seeing life anew.  Because of this fundamental shift I am naturally and easily unleashing a personal transformation that I believe will continue to reshape my life for many years to come. 

By detoxing and clearing the chemicals and ceasing to take in any more, my mind is now more clear, my energy feels lighter, and I feel like I simply am able to resonate with a healthier way of living and being.  The quality of the food and other UNI KEY supplements I have been taking on the Fat Flush Diet have not only improved my health, but I feel they have been shifting the energetic "frequency" of my being, allowing me to tune in to a much lighter way of living and being.  Thank you to Ann Louise Gittleman and to UNI KEY for creating this program and for developing and distributing these wonderful products. "


Weight: 220 lbs
Waist: 46.5"
Hips: 46"
Body Mass Index: 30
Weight: 195 lbs 
Waist: 39" 
Hips: 42" 
Body Mass Index: 26.5

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  1. What an amazing story Dave! Such an inspiration!