Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sierra's Shakin' It Down!

"Over the last year I have picked up some bad habits as far as eating goes. When I heard about Fat Flush and the Smoothie Shakedown, I knew it was just the thing to set me straight. After the two week program, I have lost 12 pounds and 7 1/2 inches! The weight even came off those hard-to-lose spots like my waist, tummy, and hips. And above all, the Smoothie Shakedown has totally changed the way I think and feel about food...I've lost weight and gained willpower! I've conquered cravings once and for all, and now I prefer to eat fresh fruit and veggies and have actually lost my taste for the unhealthy carbs I would grab in the past. I feel so much healthier - I wake up in the morning and feel great inside and out. I can’t wait to continue on with Fat Flush in order to reach my goal!"

- Sierra H., Montana


After two-week Shakedown:

Way to go Sierra!! Keep us posted on your progress!


  1. look awesome! Great job..keep it up!

  2. Good job, i am not sure what i did wrong. This diet did not work for me, i even try the supplements and it did not help. About five years ago i live on the fat flush plan and it worked great, now i am menopausal and i am having a hard time loosing the weight. If anyone have some suggestions, please help.

  3. Hi there...I would suggest the forum at for lots of help from the moderators. (great group of folks)
    Did you lose inches?

  4. Cheryl has some great advise here; Dr. Ann Louise's Forum is a fantastic place to find help on any of her programs. Many knowledgeable people on there who are very happy to help.