Monday, January 11, 2010

Janet LOST 8 Pounds over the Holidays!

 "I've been on the Shakedown for three weeks -- yes, during Christmas and New Year's -- and have lost 8 pounds, more than halfway to my 15-pound goal. I'm at the point where sweets no longer tempt me, lack of caffeine is not giving me a headache, and the momentum is encouraging me. I had developed a Starbucks habit of coffee & a muffin more or less daily -- the other day I met a friend there but was able to order a rooibos tea; the pastries weren't even tempting. I'll probably move to Classic Fat Flush Phase 1 after 4 weeks if I haven't lost all I need to, but this has been a great start!"
-- Janet H., Boise, ID

Check out Janet's Before and Afters:
It's amazing the difference even 8 pounds can make!

Before - Thanksgiving 2009

Way to go Janet...congratulations on your success!!!


  1. look so SKINNY Janet! Way to go!

  2. Janet you look amazing! You can do it!

  3. Amazing - I am ready to start once my stuff arrives!! Thanks for the pics - they are very inspiring!!!