Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lisa's Success Story

"Being on the Fat Flush Smoothie Shakedown Program helped me to realize the different things my body had sensitivities to, just by staying away from them for a couple of weeks. Dairy was something that I realized had a lot to do with the way I was feeling - bloated, gassy etc. I felt so much better being off of it. The smoothie gave me a lot of energy, which I thought I would have received from caffeine- so staying away from that helped me to see that I could replace it with something that was good for my body and have real energy- rather that a quick pick-me-up from coffee. I lost at least a half inch everywhere, and lost about 4 pounds, so overall I am very pleased that I did it."
-Lisa, IL
Weight: 114 lbs
Bust: 33"

Waist: 29"

Hips: 37"
Thigh: 19"
Arms: 9.5"

Weight: 110 lbs
Bust: 32"

Waist: 28.5"

Hips: 36"
Thighs: 19"
Arms: 9"

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