Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Casey's Success Story

"I have struggled with my weight since junior high school. Over the years I have tried many diets and diet pills and exercise regimes with little success. When I was able to lose the weight it was not always in the healthiest manner. I recently graduated from college and realized that I needed to get serious about my health. The extra pounds I had gained from drinking beer and eating less than healthy foods were really bothering me and I knew if I didn't do something about it immediately I would continue to feel miserable and unhappy. The Fat Flush program has left me nothing short of amazed. It is the first time I have lost weight and felt great while doing it. While I was skeptical of smoothies having the ability to keep me energized and not leave me hungry, that is exactly what they did. I did not feel deprived of food or like I was starving. My energy level was higher than ever. I have never been able to wake up in the morning eager to start the day, but after a few days of being on the Fat Flush program I was waking up before my alarm clock feeling rested and refreshed. My job, as a child-care provider can be physically demanding and I never once felt fatigued while doing this detox. Within a week I lost 10lbs and 3 inches on my waist and stomach, 1 inch on each thigh and 1/2 an inch on my arms. The rapid results were an awesome motivator and by the end of week two I had lost 20lbs and 5 inches on my stomach, 4 inches on my waist, 2 inches on each thigh and 1 inch on my arms. I went down at least a full size, because starting the program I had a bridesmaid dress that I could not zip to save my life and now I can zip it with ease. There is not a doubt in my mind that this program is the weapon I need to battle my excess weight. I have ordered more of the protein powder and supplements so I can continue losing weight and live a healthy lifestyle. I am so happy with this program and I can't wait to share it with everyone I know who has trouble keeping off those unwanted pounds, because I really believe this works. The scale and tape measure don't lie. Thanks, Dr. Ann Louise!!!"
--Casey, TN

BEFORE Two-Week Shakedown:

Day 1 -

Weight 205 lbs

Stomach = 46.5 in
Waist = 39.5 in
Hips = 44 in
Thigh L = 26.25 in
Thigh R = 26.5 in
Arm L = 16.25 in
Arm R = 16 in

AFTER Two-Week Shakedown:

Day 14 -

20 pounds down!
Weight 185 lbs

Stomach = 41.5 in
Waist = 35.5 in
Hips = 42 in
Thigh L = 24.25 in
Thigh R = 24.5 in

Arm L = 15 in
Arm R = 15 in

Bridesmaid Dress:


Here's Casey before Fat Flush:

and....Here's Casey now!  Way to go!


  1. Casey, you look amazing! I can't believe how much weight trimmed off your stomach and neck. Good job and I wish you success in your weight loss journey!

  2. Wow! What an inspiration! Fantastic pictures. Thanks for letting us know we can all do it!

  3. You are so inspiring Casey...I am so proud of you!!! Keep it up...you look great!

  4. Casey, You are a real inspiration to all of us who want to lose weight. Thanks for the awesome pictures. You look great!

  5. Amazing! I was looking at your measurements, and aside from missing the height, mine are the same. After I receive my kit, I will be posting my success story, and I really hope to have the same, if not better, success as you! You look great, and you give me such hope. Keep up the good work!

  6. Wow...looking at your measurement, I'm about the same. I tried this weight loss program and I wasn't successful the first time, due to the fact I was not sticking to the program as I should. You just gave me hope and the motivation I needed to start the program again. You look great and I wish you the best of luck in your weight loss journey.